Are you always on the look-out for new recipe inspiration? 

Gone are the days of bland over-cooked vegetables and worthy bowls of chickpeas. Vegan food is getting a makeover.

But with an endless stream of new vegan recipes and cookbooks out there, which one will give you the best grounding, the most inspiring dishes or the need-to-know advice?

Maybe you’re finally feeling ready to eat a more plant-based diet, but aren’t totally sure how to prepare vegan meals without being totally boring. Maybe you’ve decided to give up all animal products in your diet, but aren’t sure where to start, or maybe you’re a long time vegan who’s trying to shake up your routine and get a few new vegan recipes under your belt.

Whatever your reason for wanting to cook more vegan dishes and vegan recipes, there’s a cookbook that can help you make better plant-based and vegan meals, no matter your skill level.

Whether you follow a totally plant-based diet, are looking to swap in a few vegan meals to your midweek routine or are taking on the Veganuary challenge, these recipes are the best of the bunch.

We bring you inspiring recipes from renowned cooks and chefs

Discover new tips and tricks for clever vegan substitutions and cooking techniques. Our selection covers a wide range of flavours from Asian to African-inspired dishes and plenty of sweet treats.

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If you’re a beginner, you might just be wondering how to cook plant-based meals that are nutritionally balanced, tasty and quick alongside vegan dishes from one of these healthy meal delivery services.

What about Cookbooks?

Choosing the right vegan cookbook can add so much to your life. But finding the right one can seem overwhelming, since there are hundreds of vegan cookbooks in print. Here are the very best recently-published titles. Every cookbook listed here is 100 percent vegan.

Our Top 5 Must-Have Vegan Cookbooks

If you’re looking to build your vegan cookbook library, here are five ideal first choices.

New Bestsellers (all books from 2021 & 2020)

The best new cookbook titles on the market.

Easy Everyday Cookbooks

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a cookbook with fancy recipes as your first vegan cookbook. You want to start with an assortment of easy recipes you can prepare in minutes. Here are some perfect choices:


Likewise, if you’re a seasoned vegan who is bored of making the same old recipes on repeat, and need some serious inspo, it could be time to hit our recipes and refresh your culinary repertoire. Enter: the best vegan cookbooks of 2021.

From vegan substitute ingredients to deliciously sinful desserts that don’t break the rules of your lifestyle choice, these vegan recipes have got it all on offer. There’s bound to be something to suit everyone. Want your full month of vegan recipes planned for you? Looking to convert a friend to a flexitarian diet? These vegan recipes are the perfect place to start

If you’re looking for more vegan content, here’s our favourite nutritious guide on how to go vegan, and if you want to sample the goods first, here are the best vegan restaurants in London to try now we’re out of isolation. Without further ado, let’s get going…

Enjoy our favourite recipes – vegan desserts, vegan salads, and other delicious treats made with fresh, clean vegan ingredients!